In the middle of the Tortona quarter, an interesting, lively, and up-and-coming area in this city of many faces, an old, abandoned warehouse has its “image” transformed, introducing plants and greenery where before there was none.

This transformation began when Emanuele Bortolotti, an agronomist and landscape architect, decided to restore the old warehouse building and locate there amidst cherry trees, wisteria, and honeysuckle the offices of his architectural practice, AG&P, as well as the floor space of Compagnia dei Giardini, a retailer of outdoor furniture. Years go by, and the idea of opening up these pleasing spaces with its garden to the wider public grows.

With Ferdinando Ferdinandi, a friend and former advertising professional, lately owner of the wine bar Piquenique, the idea begins to take shape. The site in via Savona seemed to be the ideal location for an atypical restaurant, dedicated not only to the pleasures of the palate, but also to the pleasures of an atmosphere that one can savour – before and after meals – as a place to enjoy a glass of good wine or a piece of home-made cake among the flowering plants and aromatic herbs.
A place we envision being open all day long, a welcoming urban refuge.
The combination of Emanulele’s care for plants and greenery, coupled with the warmth of Ferdinando’s style of welcome reception, similar to that of being at home among friends, makes it all happen.

The entire architectural project was managed by Emanuele’s firm AG&P.
The result is a beautiful garden with interior spaces awash in natural light.
The atmosphere created is one of part greenhouse, part Italian bistrot, part artist’s studio.
A quiet, peaceful corner in a frenetic city.