interne_nasce_1A glass of wine and a book of botanical are the ingredients at the beginning of this story.

Emanuele stops by often at Ferdinando’s wine bar located not far from Emanuele’s office for a bite to eat. During casual chat, the germ of the idea to combine Emanuele’s passion for gardens and greenery with Ferdinando’s conviviality is planted. The adventure that becomes Al Fresco todays takes root and grows quickly. A meeting place with a kitchen.


Al Fresco wouldn’t have come to life without the precious support and collaboration of numerous people and businesses. Teams of expert business professionals, friends first and foremost, who rose to the occasion to make the most of what made this place special: the AG&P staff which collaborated with Emanuele in all phases of the project (interior and garden), the construction firm Pezzuto which supervised all phases of the building transformation and Azienda Agricola Panda which worked on the garden.


Emanuele loves Nature and music. Obviously, they come second to Inter, tennis and his beloved dogs.

Ferdinando loves writing novels and cooking dishes from the Indian, Mexican and Arab traditions. He plays in a Beatles tribute band. Frank Zappa once asked him to play drums with him.